Thursday, 27 August 2009

My girl ging.

As seen in Venice Biennale, June 2009.
Also been in
Subversive Correspondence
A touring exhibition at Broadwalk Arts, Bristol then at The Willesden Gallery, London.
Likes Broadway market canal, random ponds and other secret locations.

Are u a vegeterian

Piece for 100 postcards art auction for teenage cancer trust -

Are u a vegetarian – paint, is a piece of the a-b-c-diarrhea series that I made in paint programme;
It is something of a visual diary, I just do the sketches and save it as a title that I think at the time; it is a truly satisfying way to relax and feel really good about myself, often directing the days frustrations into these paints; they only take a few seconds to make, hence the name…
They are fast and uninhibited, changes are not allowed; if I feel like changing something I make a new one, somehow developed, after I saved that one;
So are u a vegetarian is a product of this process; it shows something resembling a jump board in a swimming pool; as for the title, it may be referring to sex/ meat, as the angle can be perceived as spread legs.
Thickandtastyxxx is about time she became famous!